Mileage & Timeline Spreadsheets : For Business, Taxes, IRS & Fun

A Chrome Extension that you can use to generate spreadsheets (CVS files) using Google Timelines.  You can create a Google accounts for each device you would like to track.  Simply log into your Google account on your cell phone or device and turn on Google timeline tracking.  Google tracks your location for free.  You can use the spreadsheets to create whatever reports you like and edit them as needed.  Google timeline stores your location history as proof of where you were.  No need to install any apps on your phone and no need to pay any periodic fees to any organization to generate your tax and business reports.

Click Here for the Google Timeline Location History FULL Version

Click Here for the Google Timeline Location History FREE Version
(only allows for 1 day at a time for the last 10 days)

To view your own google timeline and use the extension  in any browser simply make sure you are logged into the google account that you also use for your phone that tracks your location and then open a tab on your browser to view your own timeline by going to: http://www.google.com/maps/timeline

Video Tutorial

We are happy to announce a new revision of the software Version 1.5 that has been released that:
1. fixes file download problems experienced by some people
2. adds a new feature in the form of a button that allow people to open a new tab with a table of data that can be copied and paste into any spreadsheet program if necessary.

We hope you enjoy these new features.